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 See http://​​xterm/​ctlseq.html See http://​​xterm/​ctlseq.html
-''​\033[3;​x;​yt''​ Move window to position ''​x'',​ ''​y''​ +  * ''​\033[3;​x;​yt''​ Move window to position ''​x'',​ ''​y''​ 
-''​\033]0;​title here\007''​ Set window title to ''​title here''​ +  ​* ​''​\033]0;​title here\007''​ Set window title to ''​title here''​ 
-''​\033[9;​1t''​ Maximise window+  ​* ​''​\033[9;​1t''​ Maximise window
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