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 +====== The OS Files ======
 +I've setup this page with Istvan as a basis for collecting and organising stories and photo graphs of the rich tradition of [[http://​|the Oratory School]], with particular regards to the secret places we had, such as Narnia, and pranks we experienced/​performed during our time there.
 +===== This page is a wiki =====
 +This page (and in fact the whole site) is a [[wp>​wiki]] website, meaning that it can be edited by anyone who wishes to do so. Just click on "Edit this page" at the top/bottom of the page, or one of the small "​Edit"​ buttons at the end of each section to view the editing page --- anyone who has used web-based email will feel at home composing the page this way. The current contents will already be displayed in the page ready for editing.
 +If you wish to do fancy effect, such as **bold**, //​italics//,​ __underlines__ and [[http://​|links]],​ there is a simple way to add these which is explained properly on the [[wiki:​syntax]] page.
 +Incidently, the above line was written:
 +  If you wish to do fancy effect, such as **bold**, //​italics//,​ __underlines__ and 
 +  [[http://​|links]],​ there is a simple way to add these which is
 +  explained properly on the [[wiki:​syntax]] page.
 +and presented as a quote by indenting it by two spaces.
 +More info on the mark-up available is in [[wiki:​syntax]] and you can try it out in the [[wiki:​playground]] which is intended for testing out nonsense.
 +===== About the authors =====
 +Here is a spot to say a bit about yourself to give those that don't know you personally some perspective and context.
 +==== Robert Meerman ====
 +^ Nickname: | Meermanator ​                 |
 +^ Attended: | 1995-2002 ​                   |
 +^ Houses: ​  | Junior House, Faber          |
 +^ Location: | UK, Warwick Uni              |
 +^ Contact: ​ | [[]] |
 +Hi! I'm the owner of this website. I was notorious at the OS for being a "​hacker"​ as I was dubbed, and became recognised for jointly establishing "​Funtime"​((with Oscar Ancliffe)), a games network which ran on the school computers with the permission of the head of IT and for stealing internet access from the school by physically cutting network cabling and tapping in. Also phone tapping and many other shady activities.
 +I'm about to graduate from [[http://​|Warwick University]] with a BSc in Computer Science, and am looking to work in the media industry or video games / TV.
 +==== Istvan Berkeley ====
 +FIXME If you'd be so kind... ​ --- //​[[|Robert Meerman]] 2005/05/26 22:58//
 +===== Let the history begin! =====
 +FIXME Rob's a bit busy at the moment to write this area himself (exam tomorrow morning, then another the next afternoon :-(), so please have a look in the [[http://​​gallery|gallery]] for details of the sort of things I did. I promise to write my bit soon though! Just need a few days to celebrate and recover the completion of all my degree requirement! ^_^
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