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 <​code>​echo "​foo"​ | gpg --encrypt -r "​Robert Meerman"​ | gpg --decrypt</​code>​ <​code>​echo "​foo"​ | gpg --encrypt -r "​Robert Meerman"​ | gpg --decrypt</​code>​
 +Remote end:
 +Modify ''/​etc/​ssh/​sshd_config''​ to include:
 +# Allow socket files to be unlinked by incoming connections (intended to
 +# faciliate use of GPG Agent)
 +StreamLocalBindUnlink yes
 +See https://​​AgentForwarding
 +Client: ''​gpg -K''​ to show secret (private) keys. Take the HEX (public key fingerprint) and ...
 +Server: ''​gpg --recv-key 6F840EE9A203D5283CAA943EF07529A9FE85C329''​
 +.. and trust it, or tools like '​passwd'​ cannot use it:
 +Server: ''​gpg --edit-key "​Robert Meerman"''​ and then enter ''​trust''​ and set to ''​Ultimate''​ (it's your own key after all), then ''​quit''​.
 +Server testcase: <​code>​echo "​foo"​ | gpg --encrypt -r "​Robert Meerman"​ | gpg --decrypt</​code>​
 ====== Number Pad ====== ====== Number Pad ======
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