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phpBB Rank Genre MOD

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Name: Rank Genres

Description: This MOD expands the capabilities of ranks within phpBB to support profile-chosen 'genres'. It was created for an Anime forum, and was used to allow people to progress in ranks along their preferred genre. It is suitable for any community where there exist distinct sub-communities, such as in film, music and TV communities.

Demonstration: (not currently displayed due to recent phpBB update)


More info: For instance, two users with an equal number of posts are both level 1, but their ranks are 'Level 1 Angst (Whiny)' and 'Level 1 Cute (Too cool to be cute)'. Just as in the default installation, more posts will increase your rank, and thus change your image.

To reiterate, different genres have different images and titles, but equivalent post-requirements.

This MOD's default behaviour is to override the display of special ranks in threads (and show the rank image instead), but not in the memberlist and profiles; this can of course be changed in the ranks admin panel on a per-special-rank basis.

Ranks genres are categorised into directories in the filesystem, and within each directory there are numbered images. Hence a simple example structure is:


 |- 1 Angst
 |   |- 1 Whiny
 |   |- 2 Tragic
 |   \- 3 Traumatised and Allegorical
 |- 2 Cute
 |   |- 1 Too Cool to be Cute
 |   |- 2 Super Deformed
 |   \- 3 Sweet like Sugar

The categories are Angst and Cute, the numbers preceeding them will be used as the index in the database. The levels of images are given by the number. The number of posts needed is given by the normal Ranks admin page, where you name levels 0, 1, 2, 3 for the above example. Level 0 does not have an image in the filesystem, so none is shown next to the user - useful for giving established members a feeling of 'priviledge'.

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