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GIT-SVN Crib Sheet

GIT can interact with a SubVersion repository. This is my “Quick-Reference” page for doing just that.

Interacting with the SVN central repository

svn up git svn rebase
svn commit git svn dcommit
svn log git svn log
svn blame git svn blame
svn info git svn info
svn checkout git svn clone
svn proplist git svn proplist
svn propget git svn propget

Interacting with the local GIT archive

svn up git rebase Only applicable when merging to/from other local branches
svn commit git add, followed by git commit
svn log –limit={N} git log -n{N}
svn blame git blame
svn info - N/A for local GIT
svn checkout git clone
svn cat git show <COMMIT>:path/to/file.ext Use HEAD^ as <COMMIT> for SVN's PREV
svn status git status

Interacting with a remote GIT archive

svn up git pull {URL} Must provide URL. Can create URL aliases, see “REMOTES” in man git-pull
svn commit git commit && git push Commits to the *local* branch, then publishes the commit to the remote (assuming you have permission to do so)
svn log –limit={N} git log remotes/origin Where origin is the original branch. Use git branch -r to see a list of remote branches
svn blame git blame
svn info git remote show origin Assuming origin is your tracking branch
svn checkout git clone
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