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Modules Taken & Results

A break-down of my strengths and weaknesses as demonstrated during my Computer Science degree at Warwick Uni. Linked to by my Curriculum Vitae / Resumé.

Ordered by strength

Third (Final) Year

78% Programming Language Design and Semantics
74% Very Large Scale Intergration (VLSI) Architectures and Algorithms
73% Final Year Project (USB Implementation for Game Boy Advance)
67% Compiler Design
66% Computer Graphics
63% History of Computing
59% Artificial Intelligence
53% Efficient Parallel Algorithms

Second Year

78% Concurrent Processes
68% Data Communications and Networks
68% Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI)
68% Computer Systems Design (Hardware)
65% Database Systems
61% Introduction to Software Engineering (Group Project)
59% Automata and Formal Languages
55% Systematic Software Development
50% Data Structures and Algorithms
43% Logic for Computer Scientists
43% Concurrent Programming

First Year

81% Computer Organisation and Architecture
80% Programming for Computer Scientists (Java)
80% Programming Laboratory (Unix)
76% Functional Programming (SML)
75% Design of Information Systems (Abstract Data Types)
70% Statistics I
67% Professional Aspects of Computing
63% The Practice of Writing for Computer Scientists
49% Discrete Mathematics I
47% Mathematics for Computer Scientists
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