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Technicolor Router

I recently moved from ADSL (3M down, 0.5M up) to Fibre-to-the-cabinent (FTTC, 50M down, 17M up). This involved getting a new router from my ISP, PlusNET. It's a Technicolor Gateway TG582n. This is my page for how I've configured it, including any undocumented (or otherwise hard to find) changes.

Disable DHCP

I use my Raspberry Pi as a DHCP server so I can easily reserve IP addresses and categorise my equipment based on IP ranges (i.e. guest devices go into one range, our stuff into another).

Locomotion writes…
Could you please share how to get this done, I have played around with config with no luck.
Off the top~~

Telnet to modem username admin , no password

C+P + Enter the following lines

:script add name addroot command “user add name guru password guru role root descr ROOT”
:script run name addroot pars “”

logout log back in as guru / guru

In browser goto

same guru / guru to login, disable DHCP server (dont change ip address yet, save/appy)

Technically you should be able to edit at this page

but it didn't seem to work, depends on what range u want to use it might be happy to let you to, if not

Back to telnet

:dhcp server flush
:dhcp server delete LAN_Private
:dhcp server pool config name=LAN_private intf=LocalNetwork index=4 poolstart= poolend= netmask=16 gateway= server= primdns=none secdns= primwins=none secwins=none renewtime=0 rebindtime=0

Poolstart = Start IP Range
PoolEnd = End Ip Range
Gateway + Server = the IP Address if the Modem you will use (set this after DHCP Pool

secdns i have set to google just incase.

Also i while its IPv6 Ready, i do not think it has Dual Stack, perhaps in a future firmware.</quote>
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