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mBed Project

Quick Links: Compiler, PinOut, Basic robotics

mBed is a very nifty embedded controller toy:


  • Cycling Computer — Superflous cycling computer which performs data logging
  • Wiimote 360 — Use a Wiimote as an Xbox360 controller (via a PC or similar)
  • Code Scrap Book — Dumping ground for code experiments, utility functions etc

Hardware Specs

A list of my components and their ratings.

Maplin Code Description Spec
N21BY White LED 5V, 108mW
N22BY Red LED 5V, 130mW
N23BY Green LED 5V, 108mW
N24BY Blue LED 5V, 108mW
N25BY Yellow LED 5V, 130mW
N26BY Orange LED 5V, 110mW
FX88 Reed Relay
N06AR Blue Illuminated Push Switch (stateful)
YU83 Pieze Transducer 41mm / 2.0kHz resonant frequency (suitable for voice)
7-segment display

Tempting Toys

Shopping List

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