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Clipboard fix for Cygwin/X

Specifically, when I use GVIM under Cygwin/X the following doesn't work correctly:

  1. Copy from GVIM
  2. Paste to Windows-app
  3. Copy different text from GVIM
  4. Paste to Windows-app ←- You get the text from step 1 here

See the bug on the xorg product

To my knowledge, this patch hasn't been incorporated into Cygwin/X. I'll have to build the source and apply the patch myself.

Upgrade to a newer XWin.exe

No Joy here.

Attempted to install Cygwin package sources and entire source tree from, but wasn't able to compile the vanilla X server. (Cygwin seems to be missing various build-system Makefiles or similar, didn't like my version of cpp and then demanded I install pkg-config, another util…)

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