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Welcome to the personal website of Robert Meerman.

Oratory Photos now on Facebook

"The Society" pose next to their trophy mini-bus

It's moved to Facebook. You may not be able to view it unless your a friend, but to be honest it's not of much interest if you're not.

The site


Personal Projects

  • File renamer scriptDesigned for renaming anime series by using as a source of info, and matching it up with existing episode numbers in the current files names. Eg [K-F]_One_Piece_137_[28EF4A99].avi –> One Piece 137 - It profits and is the ambition of moneylender Zenii!.avi. Now also handles websites and generic TV series, with the ability to be easily (modularly) extended to support other sites. Past v2.0, so it's mature and well tested.
  • Superfluous Cycling Computer — My project for the Super Happy Dev Club1) where I intend to hack together a load of sensors on my bike; because I can. It should also allow me to play with visualization of some real-world data which is actually of interest to me. As a starting point I'll get ground and air-speed, and later I hope to add accelerometers, GPS and if I can think of a good excuse: RFID. All this ought to get tied into something with a screen, perhaps my old GBA:SP2)? Once the basics are in place I'll be playing with connectivity to my desktop and all sorts of silly visual representations of the data and reconstruction of my trips.
  • Wall Timer project: I took apart a digital mains wall-timer and hooked it up to my PC's parallel port with nothing but a couple of wires, and coded a windows application to turn the thing off for a few seconds if my ADSL router stops responding; I even got it to run as a windows service. Areas of note: WinXP direct I/O access, Windows services
  • Final Year Project — I created a USB ↔ Nintendo Game Boy Advance connection, and documented everything about.


  • Windows Start Menu — How to change the default browser & mail client in the WinXP start menu, handy if you want to use “G-Mail to” or make a portable application you're default (as I did)
  • Using Unison with DokuWiki — Problems I overcame to get this site to automatically synchronise with my home PC
  • Webmastering — Tricks I've used in the past that might prove useful again.
  • GIT-SVN Crib Sheet — Crib-sheet for using GIT to work with SubVersion (i.e. the project uses SVN and you want to use GIT)

Contact Details

If you have any requests or feedback, please let me know!

I'm not asking for donations, this button is here for friends/family to give me money.
If you really want to donate, I'll allow it. ^_^

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