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Cycling Computer Journal

It's always useful to have a log book for a project, so this is mine.

2008-06-16 Smashed another Reed Switch

It turns out that reed switches are actually quite delicate. Delicate enough that once soldered into solid core (0.6mm) wire, attempting to move them into a new position by relying on the stiffness of the wire is enough to break them in two!

I'm on my third (and final!) reed switch, if I break this one I'll have to wait until I can make another trip to Maplins to get more…

2008-10-18 Questions Questions...

Bought some kit from RS, realised just how inexperienced I am! I bought a lovely looking 3-axis accelerometer without realising how tiny it was…

My tiny 3-axis accelerometer1)

So now I'll have some fun finding/creating a PCB expander board so I can actually use it.

Also read that the mBed has 2kB of NVRAM on it and the possibility for a battery attachment to preserve the real-time clock and the contents in RAM. Need to find out if that's really different from keeping the thing on or not (when the power-proper comes back, does the program reset?)

I wish the handbook page linked to the API reference

Photo taken with my phone. Well I was suprised.
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